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H.R. 4040
CHP will continue to sell parts to the adult population for the mini vintage and mini motorcross industry. It will be the responsibility of the purchasing adult as to the disposition of all products purchased from CHP will adhere to the guidelines of H.R. 4040 and will remain in the possession and control of the adult purchaser. All of the parts sold by CHP should be installed and maintained by a qualified mechanic. CHP accepts no responsibility for the installation, maintenance and or operation of these products. Motorcycles can cause physical injury and death, CHP accepts no liability for these occurrences.
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Specializing in Mini Bike Parts, Takegawa Performance Parts, for the world famous Honda 50, Z50, Honda 70, CT70 Mini Trail and the Honda XR50, CRF50F and XR70, CRF70F.The largest selection of replacement parts and performance parts for your Honda 50 and 70. We know what we sell and we know how it works.

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